Thursday, June 13, 2013

Imprinted Souls Series

Daniele Lanzarotta author of the Imprinted Souls Series is doing a spin off series and here is where you get to see it first! ---->

Ways to stalk Daniele: 
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 Imprinted Souls Imprinted one of the series is FREE for the month of JUNE!

Below are quotes from the Imprinted Souls Series.....enjoy!
 “... I learn from my mistakes, and falling for you was by far the worst mistake I’ve ever made.”
Daniele Lanzarotta, Blood Bound

“He kissed and held her like it was the last time, but then again, he always did that, because there had always been that possibility of him losing her.”
Daniele Lanzarotta, Shattered Souls

“He looked at his watch and knew he had to get going. He wished he could spend forever staring at her, but he was not meant to have that much happiness; he never thought he deserved it. Not after spending centuries as he did.”
Daniele Lanzarotta, Shattered Souls

“Bloodlust – the disease that makes us the monsters we are known to be; it is what wipes away the last of our humanity.”
Daniele Lanzarotta, Bloodlust

“...I could feel what was left of my soul just slipping away as I fed on that girl until she was totally and completely drained.”
Daniele Lanzarotta, Imprinted Souls

“What he didn’t know was how to beg for her forgiveness, and at that moment, her forgiveness was what he craved the most…even more than he craved her blood.”
Daniele Lanzarotta, Divine Ashes


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