Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mary Kay

Hello to all my lady followers,
I sell Mary Kay as a side job to help my husband and I save up money to help us with our journey as we prepare to adopt a child through the foster care system. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for over 2 years and the doctors have told me I do not ovulate, and we have tried 3 rounds of medication and it still hasn't happened. So we prayed and prayed and felt God's leading to adopt through the foster care system since there is so many children who need homes. We are very excited to see what God has in store for us. My husband and I just finished the training classes and will be starting the paperwork process soon. If you have any Mary Kay needs please consider my offer below of ordering $50 or more and I will ship the order to your home for FREE.My first order will take place on July 15th so all orders need to be put in with payment by then :)  USA ONLY 
Please comment below if you are considering making an order Thanks!

Here is what you should do: 
 - Go to my website 
-  Look around and see if there is anything you might like.
 - Register with all of your information.
-  Delivery Preference: CLICK OTHER: (which just means it will come to me and I will ship to you for Free if over $50) 
- Payment: Put in your card info, it's secure! 
* Note: After you complete 5 steps, review and submit your order, I’ll contact you to confirm my acceptance of your order and provide you with the final total, including tax.(which is 5%) 

Then the order will come to me I will ship them out. It's best to make a group order so therefore please look around soon and get back to me! 

If you have any questions for me you can email me at and in the subject line be sure to put Mary Kay.

Thank you all for even considering to buy anything to help us take a child into our home and give me and my husband the child we have always wanted.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ember's Curse

Product Details
Ember's Curse - Gena D. Lutz 

4 out of 5 stars

I like this book, it wasn't the stereotypical werewolves and vampires book. Ember's Curse has werewolves and vampires who can kinda get along. That was the first thing I liked. It's not like most books of it's kind were you have the weres on one side and the vamps on the other. I like that Ember is an alpha wolf, it's nice to see that. I also liked how Gena put things in such detail that you felt like you were walking in the characters shoes. I think this book was well thought out and I look forward to other books by Gena D. Lutz

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Call Me Crazy - Review

Call Me Crazy - Quinn Loftis 

My Review:
I read this book not really knowing what it was going to be about but because it's Quinn Loftis I just knew that it was going to be amazing! 
This book is so different from her other books which have been paranormal. Call Me Crazy hit way to close to home for me. My father deals with the same issues as the Tally and this book gave me some insight to what he might be dealing with that I can't understand. I'd give this book 5 starts out of 5. LOVED IT!

“I’m looking out from inside the chaos. It must be a one-way mirror because no one seems to be able to see back inside to where I am. The looks on their faces, the judgment in their eyes, tells me everything I need to know. The most frustrating part about the whole messed up situation is that even though I’m the one that they stare at in shock, I am just as shocked as they are. I know no more than they do of why I lose control. What they don’t know is that I am more scared of myself than they could ever be.” ~ Tally Baker

After a devastating turn of events, seventeen year old Tally Baker is admitted to Mercy Psychiatric Facility where she is diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. She has come to a place where she honestly believes that her life is over. Her mind tells her that she will never smile or laugh again, that she will never be normal again. It is in this unlikely place that she meets two people, different in every way, yet both critical to helping her realize that she has so much more living to do.
Candy, a cantankerous sixty year old Mercy Psychiatric patient, is hell bent on driving everyone as crazy as she is. Candy shows Tally that, regardless of her diagnosis, the ability to push on and live her life to the fullest is her choice and hers alone. In the midst of Tally’s oftentimes humorous, sometimes heart-wrenching, escapades with Candy, a new patient is admitted to Mercy—a Native American woman named Lolotea. Along with this new patient comes a daily visitor, her son, Trey Swift. At first glance, it is obvious to Tally that he is incredibly handsome and unbelievably caring. But what she learns through her second glance, and many thereafter, is that there is much more to Trey than he ever lets on. It is during these daily visits that Trey and Tally build a friendship far deeper than either of them truly realize. With Trey, Tally feels for the first time since being admitted that someone is looking at her as a person and not as a disease. Trey begins to make it clear that he wants more than friendship, but she knows that she can never give him more. How can she, when she won’t even give him the truth?  Tally doesn’t tell Trey that she is a patient at Mercy, and she doesn’t ever plan to. Her plans go up in flames when she finds out that Trey is a new student at her school, the school where her brokenness was found out in the floor of the girl’s bathroom in a pool of her own blood.


About Quinn Loftis

Quinn lives in beautiful NW Arkansas with her husband, son, Doberman and cat (who thinks she is a ninja in disguise). She is beyond thankful that she has been blessed to be able to write full time and hopes the readers know how much all of their support means to her. Some of her hobbies include reading, exercising, crochet, and spending time with family and friends. She gives all credit of her success to God because he gave her the creative spirit and vivid imagination it takes to write.