Wednesday, July 17, 2013

JULY 20th - Huge Giveaway on a Facebook event!

Hello all! I am inviting you all to join an event happening June 20th on Facebook. It's the 1 year anniversary for a page that I am an Admin on, called Book talk.

I invite you all to join in on the fun and GIVEAWAYS! I do believe all you have to do is click the link, log onto facebook and join the event, there will be a poll that ask who sent you be sure to choose me, Amber C! Then join in on the fun!!!  

JULY 20, 2013
starting at 6pm est

We have a lot of Amazing Author's and Blogger's donating so
come join the fun and win some Awesome books and Swag..
The Party starts at 6pm Est time and will run until we run out of things to Giveaway.


Lisa Mandina said...

Is it July 20? Just want to make sure I haven't already missed it!

Amber Clark said...

You are correct July 20th. With summer flying by so fast I can't keep up! : )

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