Sunday, December 23, 2012

Tressa Messenger Book Tour

Hi all! This is my first time hosting a blog book tour and I am honored to welcome Tressa Messenger!  Take a look around while your here, my blog is all about the books that I read, so your welcome to check out all the reviews I have on my blog. I would appreciate it if you would "follow" my blog. Don't forget to enter to win some awesome prizes! Happy Reading! 

 By the way Merry Christmas everyone!

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Anna-Marie and Alessandro work hard to provide a stable life for their only child, Gemma.  The child that was bestowed to them by their goddess Ameretat for reasons still unknown.  Like Alessandro’s mother did to him, Anna-Marie works diligently to protect her special daughter and lead her away from following in her father’s footsteps in becoming a Protector.  Weeks before Gemma’s eighteenth birthday Gemma has a magical night with a boy, Ford Chase, who just may have been “the one”.  They laughed and danced and kissed under the moon light.  That is before he was forcefully taken away from her by a Rogue.  Gemma desperately chases after them, but to no avail.  Heartbroken and angry Gemma vows right then and there, despite her parents pleading, she will join the Protector order on her eighteenth birthday and avenge Ford’s death.  No one could foresee the events that would ensue thereafter and little by little the gifts that Ameretat blessed Gemma with become apparent and are far more than anyone could ever imagine.

Who is Tressa Messenger:
I am a small town girl with big dreams. I grew up in a small coastal community called Pamlico County in the town of Reelsboro, North Carolina. Growing up in such a rural area there wasn't much to do, so I developed a wide fantasy finding solace in writing poetry and songs. After leaving high school I left my little secure coastal town to discover other parts of the country using life as my teacher. It was a sad and lonely time, but also a fun and exciting time in my life. I had too many emotions to process so I started to put it all down on paper. That became the start of my first novel, which I have yet to finish. A few years later I wrote my first complete novel entitled Protector. This novel was a dream come true, although I found out during the process, at 31 years old, I am dyslexic. Reading was always a struggle throughout my life and finding out why has really made a difference in me and my writing. Writing was such a wonderful and daunting process, but I have succeeded in doing something I never thought I would do. I have 4 novels published, Protect, Protect Me, Protect Us and Too Close To Home, with many more on the way. Writing is such a passion of mine and I hope my readers feel the love I put into my work.

Other authors that I read:
 Devyn Dawson
Tammy Blackwell
Jayme Morse & Jody Morse
Quinn Loftis

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Protect Us - Tressa Messegner

Last night I finished Protect Us, the third book in this series. Tressa Messenger out did her self in this book. She told me she thought Protect Me would be the last book in the series until the idea for this book came about. Well I am sure I am not the only fan that will say Thank You!

The last book leaves us with Anna-Marie and Alessandro having a baby girl, Gemma. Protect Us starts off with Gemma as a teenager, and this is her story more than it is Anna-Marie and Alessandro. We get to see Gemma train to be a protector, fall in love, and kick some vampire butt! Ford makes a nice addition to the characters as well.

It did take me a few chapters to actually get into this book as well but it's worth the wait so keep reading!

Enjoy and if you want more information on Tress Messenger then go visit her facebook page!/pages/Tressa-MessengerAuthor/214642735322269?fref=ts

Happy Reading!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Significance Series Book 1 & 2

The first book in the Significance Series is called none other than Significance. Written by Shelly Crane and will be a major motion picture coming out in 2014. I can't wait. This book is an awesome book of love, surprises, action, and gorgeous characters. Main characters are Maggie who meets Caleb and imprints with him (which means they are soul mates) while supposed to be going out with his cousin Kyle who she has known for years. As soon as they imprint they can't get enough of each other, literally, their touch to each other is what keeps both of them sane and calm. Kyle is devastated by this more because of wanting Maggie for himself. He should have been happy since imprinting had stopped for all Ace's for a very long time. There is way more to this than just two young people imprinting, Maggie is going to be a very big part of the Ace's and this series is pretty awesome!

Book 2 is called Accordance. This book picks up right where book 1 left off. In this book you get to know Maggie and Caleb better along with Caleb's sister Jen, Maggie's brother Bish and their families. You find out in this book that Maggie has major awesome abilities and Caleb will do anything to protect his significant.  Most of this book takes place in California where they have all gone to get away from all the craziness going on in Tenn. Bish has a crush on Jen, Kyle looks for a girl of his own even though he knows he shouldn't be dating. There are a few surprises in this book that I sure didn't see coming! I plan to read the next one soon and I will be sure to add it to my blog as well.

This series is different because it's not vampires, werewolves, witches, etc. They just have abilities and have soul mates that they can heal, read each others minds, and they have to be together always.
I liked that this series so far isn't harping on sex and bad language like some do. Check out the links below for more info about the movie and books! Happy Reading!

facebook page for the movie

shelly crane's facebook page