Sunday, November 25, 2012

Protector and Protect Me.....

DISCLAIMER......In my review of books for this blog, I write what is in my head the good, bad, and the ugly. I also don't claim to be a writer so I am sure there will be some misspelled words and wrong grammar.
Also, to the author of the books I review....If I say something you don't like I am truly sorry you don't like it, but it wont stop me from writing it. It's not (normally) a hit to the author because once I find a series I like, I tend to keep reading and supporting these authors.

ALSO: I personally read 1 or 2 sometimes 3 books a week so I normally buy the nook books that are free or $1.99, I tend to not pay more then $2 for a book I can read in one night and don't read again. I know, I am cheap! :)

Protector is the first book of this vampire series by Tressa Messenger. It took me about half way through the book to get into this one. I kept waiting to find out what happened and it took awhile to get it. There was just so much information that was put into this book there is no wonder why the author had to make it a bit boring. I found myself skimming ahead to find out what happened. But like I said, once I was into it, I couldn't put it down and was so glad to hear the next ones was available, and I didn't have to wait for it.

Anna-Marie is a young woman in love with her childhood sweetheart who is quickly taken away by a murderous beast. Later you find out the story is about vampires. (I didn't read the preview of this book, it was just recommended to me by another author) So for me I couldn't tell where this book was going. Half way through you meet another character Alessandro who falls in love with Anna-Marie and they go through this crazy adventure.

Anna-Marie finds out that her childhood sweetheart isn't totally dead. And the best part is she has already fallen in love with Alessandro and I like that the author didn't make her really go back and forth through who she wants to be with (like Bella on twilight! i mean seriously how annoying was that!)

Is the second book in this series and it continues with Anna-Marie and Alessandro's adventure. There is a wedding and a baby and everything!  Dylan (the childhood sweetheart) is helping out the Botherhood in this book and there is plenty of action. And from what I have been told there will be a 3rd book, I am looking forward to this one!

Here are my complaints about this series. When I am reading I try not to skip over words but during this one I found myself skimming ahead because I felt it was repeating itself. I don't think the author is a bad author at all because of this, she even told me she has gotten better. I could tell between the 2 books. I personally don't like to have long names in books. It's just me really, but I found myself calling Anna-Marie, Anna after awhile because I was tired of saying the longer name in my head....and man I bet that was annoying to type out while she was writing the book with - and all.

All in all, this is a good series and I would give it 4 stars!