Saturday, August 31, 2013

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

County Girls - Blog Hop

County Girls - Tressa Messenger 

***Warning! Mature Content***
Marissa left town as soon as high school ended, carrying with her deep dark secrets that she never intended to divulge, but once she went back home after twenty years for her high school reunion she knew that was exactly where she wanted to be.  Once back in her home town in North Carolina it all comes rushing back to her, both good and bad, even the uncontrollable desire for her first love, who happened to be her best friend’s husband.
Marissa and her three best friends could never have imagined the events that would take place once these once inseparable County girls are back together again or the hot nights that are sure to come.

My review of County Girls:
Tressa Messenger did a great job with this one. These County Girls are a hoot. Pamlico County sounds beautiful and I'd love to visit there some day. She describes it with such detail. The book is about love, friendship, sacrifice, and new beginnings. Even though this is a New Adult book it's not focused on sex alone it has a sweet story mixed in. I enjoyed this book very much!

Ways to stalk Tressa
 Twitter: @tressamessenger

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cry Me a River - Blog Hop

My Review of Cry Me a River
I love Devyn Dawson! This book is so good. It seems to have it all. It has Caide who is a hot 23 year old chef, River who has an awesome heart, who wants to help others. A sweet little baby who lost her mother too early due to drugs. It really makes you put your own life in prospective, and then you may realize that your life is not as bad as you may think. I read this book in one day, I just couldn't put it down. I've never been disappointed with Devyn's books. She has to be one of my all time favorite authors! :)

Cry Me a River
MATURE CONTENT WARNING - This book contains sexual situations, explicit language, and drug references. Caide Palmer, Emerald Isle's resident chef and grieving father. Everything in his life is turned upside down when his ex-girlfriend Heather dies from an accidental overdose. She left behind their eighteen month old daughter. Heather's parents filed for emergency custody of baby Lucy. Now Caide is in the fight of his life to get custody of his daughter. The courts order Caide to attend parenting classes and Al Anon meetings. It is there that he meets twenty-two year old River. She is drawn in by his story, and she wants to mend his grieving heart. Will Caide allow River in to his world, or will he find his role as single father is to be faced alone? There's something about her that he wants to save. Can they really save each other?

The Author

I've thought of myself as a writer for as long as I can remember. Being a grown up with a grown up job and a family to raise, left me with little time to write. Everyone is grown up now, and I get to do something I want to do. My love of young adult books helped mold me into the paranormal writer I am today.
The books that I write reflect the type of books that I like to read. When I was in high school, I read Stephen King and Sweet Valley High. I think that is the type of book I write....something that merges that together. You'll find my writing style to have an intricate story weaved within the main story. The characters have depth and many have flaws. The Legacy series is very detailed with many stories weaved into one. If you enjoy werewolves and vampires, this young adult series will keep you up at night...reading.

My Light Tamer Trilogy is a lighter read, with a new paranormal vibe. It is aimed for 13 and over, but people of all ages will fall in love with the series. If you love the world of fae and mythology, this is the series for you.

The Light Tamer (April 2012)
Enlightened (October 2012)
Light Bound (December 2013)

The Legacy of Kilkenny
The Seduction (book 1.5)
The Great Wolf (Fall 2013)

I often host giveaways on my blog, please find me on Facebook and Twitter = devyndawson
Thank you so much for reading my books. XOXO - Devyn

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Cry Me a River by Devyn Dawson

Cry Me a River

by Devyn Dawson

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Blood and Light - Rue Volley

Rue Volley - Blood and Light
Enter into the world of 16 year-old Rue Volley...who, up until one fateful night, thought she was "normal" or as "normal" as she could be.
But "normal" does not include being a vampire...a truth about herself that she will soon discover.

Rue Volley lives in the quiet little town of Calvary, Minnesota...nestled in the thick woods lining the Great Lakes. Rue, along with her brother Kai, have lived an otherwise calm life up until their Mother was committed into Rolling River Asylum after she mysteriously stopped speaking to anyone. Rue is convinced by her brother to attend a party on her birthday, and after she experiences something that she cannot explain, she and everyone in her world is thrown into madness. Join Rue on this epic journey, 6 books in all, as she struggles with grief, love, humor, old crushes, newfound infatuations, hot boys, AND vampires, lots and lots of them.

This first book in the series starts you on a journey that you will find hard to ignore and once you start reading you will be hooked...or
perhaps bitten.

Amber's Review: I liked this book. It took a different approach to the "normal"  vampires you read about. It has love, hot boys, fighting, bad butt kicking girls, and silliness all in one book. There were different characters who had all different personalities and the reader will fall in love with each one of them. It takes you from one world to another so quickly you will not want to put this book down.  I look forward to reading more from Rue Volley. 

I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars! Be sure to check out this book and the others in the series.
 (Link is below)

Blood and Light - Amazon Link only .99

Friday, August 9, 2013

Introuducing author Paula V. Hardin

FOREVER LOST - Paula V. Hardin-
Alone and homeless, Elizabeth Fountain sneaks away to the one place where she can find comfort and peace at her mother’s grave. Instead of receiving the peace and comfort she needs, Elizabeth finds the one man who can steal her heart and give her everlasting love. That is, if he can keep his fangs out of her neck long enough.

Benson Jackson, a vampire has always been a gentleman, even though he’s no longer a man, he still believes in helping the damsel in distress. Yet, when he finds young troubled Elizabeth he can’t stop the blood lust she stirs in within him. Can the two head off trouble and find love with each other, or will her past and his estranged mother rip them apart first?

Links are below for Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Be sure to get your copy before the next one comes out! 

Paula has her second book coming out soon....
The Unforeseen Rescue
In preparation for this new arrival I'd like for all of you to go check out her facebook page and twitter to show her some love. Tell her Amber sent ya! While you're visiting her facebook page be sure to "like" it. Once she hits 300 likes there MAY be a giveaway! :) 

Paula V. Hardin

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ideas? - Would like feedback!

Hi all, 
I haven't posted much recently. I have been busy at work and now I am on vacation for the week just hanging out at home relaxing. That's my kind of vacation! I wanted to share a few things with my followers. I do very cheap editing for Indie Authors as a side thing. I have also thought about doing book covers for Indie Authors since it's been told to me that it's hard to find unique covers for cheap. Well since I don't know what I am doing I thought I would try to come up with some samples to see if it's even what authors want. 

 Here are a few samples, I would like honest feedback (not mean feedback but honest :) 

I haven't had much interaction with my followers and I would like to start hearing from you! 

ATTENTION: Authors - If you would like to contact me about editing please contact me at
*I am also thinking of doing a facebook page for my editing to help spread the word, what do you think?