Saturday, October 27, 2012


For those of you who actually read my blog I wanted to post that first and for most I am a Christian. A follower of Jesus Christ. Yes I like to read fiction, whether it be a vampire books, werewolf books,  Siren book,....whatever it may be. To me it's nothing different from watching a fiction movie. 
With that being said, I will write reviews about these books since at this moment that is the purpose of my blog. I may add some personal blogs like this one from time to time, but since I am sure some of my church family will come across me blog, I figured I would write a little disclaimer. 

Here is a little more about me: 
I attend Calvary Chapel in Mechanicsville Va, in my personal opinion, it's the best Bible teaching church I have ever come across. And I have tried others in the area thinking I wanted something different. I was wrong and God led me back to this church and for that I am sooo thankful! 
I have been married to my husband Sam for 4 years (and 2 days : ). Him and I had a rough patch in the beginning of our marriage, but since we both have been walking with the Lord, our marriage has been better. 
 I work at a Christian daycare and I love it! I have 3 sisters, 1 brother, 3 brother in laws, 1 niece, 3 nephews (and yes that is including baby Gaston, even though he isn't born yet : ) 
All of my family live near me except my oldest sisters family, and brother who is living with her for the moment. 
My favorite place to vacation is Great Cranberry Island Maine, I would live there if I thought I could handle the winter! 
I have a very spoiled dog named Bella (yes after Bella from Twilight)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Howl Series

In the Howl Series book 4 is named Black Magic, Samara is a teenage werewolf that is Alpha of her pack, mated to a really cute guy, and trying to live the life of a normal teenager. The Morse girls will keep you turning the pages in this book. It tells of the adventure that Samara and the Ima pack are heading on to make the werewolf world a better place. The surprises in this book will keep you wanting more. It is a full length book, and well written out. Any series written by the Morse girls would one worth reading. - Happy Reading!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Captivate  - Jayme and Jody Morse

Captivate is the 2nd book in the Siren's Lullaby series by Jayme and Jody Morse. It's about a girl who is turned into a Siren and has to live a normal teenage life. She meets a few love interest along the way. She is reunited with her sister whom she thought was dead.
Felicia is still learning how to live the Siren life, and balance her normal life with her summer job, friends, her grandmother and her mother. She is in search for a guy who will fall in love her, and she meets some interesting guys along the way. While dealing with the new siren "family" who should be there to help her along the way, but even sometimes that is rocky.
This book is a well written and thought out book. It keeps you turning the pages and wanting more. The book ends on a surprising note, just the way I like my books to end! Also by the Morse girls is The Briar Creek Vampire Series and Howl series. These are all worth reading! - Happy Reading!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Enlightened is the second book in The Light Tamer series. Book one is named The Light Tamer. This series is different than most supernatural series I have read. I was a bit reserved when I first started this series, I didn't think that it would be that interesting. Boy, was I wrong! Jessie is a 15 year old girl who moves to a new town in NC (my home state : ) ) with her mom to live with her grandma. She meets a boy named Caleb who reveals what they are. There of course is a love story in it which makes all books better. Oh, and there is the best friend Amber (I love her spunky style and of course her name, I am bit partial to it myself). Enlightened (book 2) goes into more depth and adventure with these 3 teens. You will laugh, and you might even cry a time or two during this book. I think this book is worth reading, but of course read The Light Tamer first so you can understand what is going on. My only negative thing to say about this series and I think 15 is way to young for the characters to be going through some of the things going on in this book. But I am personally thankful that the author doesn't have the characters going into too much of the sexual elements of a relationship.  Devyn Dawson has a way of pulling you into her stories enough that you feel like you are standing right next to the characters. She doesn't use curse words to the extreme nor does she use sex to sell her books. After you are done reading this series, check out her series about werewolves titled The Legacy of Kilkenny (book 1) and Malevolence (book 2)
Happy Reading!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

My new adventure

I have decided to sell Mary Kay, I have 3 cousins and a friend who sell it. They all seem to really like it. I like make up, and I like making extra money. I am hoping this extra money will help me and my husband get out of debt fast. We are way to young to have this much debt hanging over our heads. 

Anyway here is the link to my personal Mary Kay website
Feel free to buy any time : ) 

Currently I am not reading anything, I am waiting until the 10th so I can read the rest of Devyn Dawson's new book Enlightened. I was privileged to be able to read the first 17 chapters of it, and I am realllllly looking forward to finishing it. Once I do I will write a review on Barnes and Noble and I will post it here as well. 

If any Nook owners come across my blog, I need Nook friends so we can share books....let me know if you want to be Nook friends. 

Off for now, to watch Haven 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I'll give it a try

So I am going to give this a try and see how long I will keep up with it. I am bad about starting something and never finishing it. This will be fun for just a bit and then I will get tired of it, or forget about it, or even just not find the time to do it. So since I have been doing A LOT of reading on my nook color, I thought it would be nice to start a blog about the books I read. 

The only people who will even read this will probably be my sister Emily or another family member and even they will probably get tired of reading about my vampire and werewolf addictions (at the moment). I tend to go through periods of reading Young Adult Paranormal books to reading loves stories and then sometimes historical non-fiction. 

I am by no means a writer, if you keep reading you will find many grammatical errors and probably some miss-spelled words, even though they come up with the red line under it. I would love to write sometime but I have read so many books, and I have so many different ideas going through my mind there is no way it would make since if said out loud. 

My current book addiction is anything by these authors: Devyn Dawson (Devyn's facebook
Quinn Loftis (Quinn's facebook) Nicky Charles (Nicky's facebook) and Tammy Blackwell 
(Tammy's facebook)

Another addiction I can't seem to cut, The Big Bang Theory : )