Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Author Interview - Jayme and Jody Morse

Hi to all my fellow book lovers,
I am super excited that my first author interview is with Jayme and Jody Morse, they are the authors of some of my favorite books! I am totally having a fan girl moment! =)

So I have asked them a few questions so that we are able to get to know them a little more. If you have not read any books by them I recommend them all to you!

Ways to fine Jayme and Jody Morse:
Here is a link to their facebook page - Jayme and Jody's Facebook Page
Here is a link to their books on Amazon - Amazon
Here is a link to their books on Barnes and Noble - Barnes and Noble

My facebook page: Book Lover Amber

Here we go:

1. How long have you two been writing?
Jayme: I’ve always written. I remember writing my first novel, which was also about werewolves, at 15. It may still be buried in my closet somewhere, I’m not even sure! I never thought we would end up publishing one day.
Jody: I started writing Baby-sitter’s club fan fiction when I was maybe seven or eight and didn’t even know what fan fiction was! We didn’t start writing books with the intention to actually publish until about 2008 or 2009, though.

2. Whats the age difference between you two?
Jayme: Four years. I'm 23 and Jody's 27.

3. What inspired both of you to start in the indie world?
Jayme: We never really even thought about going the traditional route.
Jody: Self-publishing gave us the creative control that we wanted.

4. What was your first book published? Did it sell well right away?
Our first book was Kiss of Death, the first book in the Briar Creek Vampires series. It took a few months and a few cover changes for it to find an audience.

5. Out of all your series which is Jody's favorite and which is Jayme's favorite?
Jayme: I think both of us preferred the Howl series for a long time. But with each new series, we get attached to new characters. Some of our favorites that we’ve written have yet to be published, so we’re very excited about what’s to come!
Jody: Howl is really close to our hearts, but I actually had a lot more fun writing the Koto Chronicles series. It was a lot of fun bringing the characters (Chance and Hunter, especially) to life.

6. How do you two share the writing process?
Jayme: It depends on the book and series. We always start by plotting and brainstorming together, and then we usually write every other chapter or every other paragraph, or every other sentence. Or if one of us gets stuck, the other takes the reigns.
Jody: Writing together leads to arguments sometimes, lol. For example, I wanted to kill Colby off in the first book of the Howl series, but Jayme convinced me that we needed to keep him. Now he’s one of our favorite characters in the Howl series. Let’s just say I end up telling her that she was right a lot.
Jayme: She makes it sound like I hold it over her head, but I don’t. She does listen to me about our characters’ futures now, though, lol.

7. Are you full time writers?

8. Can you tell yalls fans something none of us know about yall? Something fun or interesting?
Jody: In Where I Belong, Savannah’s obsession with country music is based on my own obsession, lol.
Jayme: And the part about Danielle thinking every country song was Blake Shelton? That’s actually a conversation Jody and I have had many times. I think almost every country song by a male musician is Blake Shelton, for some reason. I do like country music, though.

9. Can you tell us what the Morse girls have planned for future books?
Jayme: We have a lot of new adult romances planned for the near future. We’ll also be releasing the first book in a new paranormal series in April or May, and our first dystopian sometime this year, too. I’m really excited to write in a new genre.
Jody: I’m so, SO hyped for everyone to read the new paranormal series. It has vampires, werewolves, witches, fairies, demons, mermaids, etc. It’s been a lot of fun to write.

10. Do you two plan to write together til the end? Or do yall ever plan to branch out individually?
Jayme: We’ll be writing together until the end.
Jody: We wouldn’t have it any other way!

I want to thank both of these lovely ladies for being my first author interview! I had way too much fun doing this and I hope you all will take the time to go and like their page, or buy one of their books. I don't believe you will be disappointed. I can't wait to see what comes next from these girls. They just released a new book that is on my to read list, A Girl and Her should read the Howl series first probably.
Here is the link to this book - A Girl and Her Wolf

MY REVIEW: I loved being inside Colby and Emma's head. I have liked their relationship from the start...before Emma was even a wolf herself. I felt bad for Colby all along because seemed to be the nerdy one but he was so knowledgeable and sweet. I am glad he was given the second chance at finding a mate, and I don't think there could have been a better mate for him. I liked that Bennett seemed to add some excitement along the way as well. Well done ladies. I loved it!


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Fun interview! I loved the part about every male country singer being Blake Shelton.. Hysterical! Thanks for the introduction to this writing duo. I'm going to go check them out.

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