Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ideas? - Would like feedback!

Hi all, 
I haven't posted much recently. I have been busy at work and now I am on vacation for the week just hanging out at home relaxing. That's my kind of vacation! I wanted to share a few things with my followers. I do very cheap editing for Indie Authors as a side thing. I have also thought about doing book covers for Indie Authors since it's been told to me that it's hard to find unique covers for cheap. Well since I don't know what I am doing I thought I would try to come up with some samples to see if it's even what authors want. 

 Here are a few samples, I would like honest feedback (not mean feedback but honest :) 

I haven't had much interaction with my followers and I would like to start hearing from you! 

ATTENTION: Authors - If you would like to contact me about editing please contact me at
*I am also thinking of doing a facebook page for my editing to help spread the word, what do you think?


Writer4Christ said...

I think these covers look pretty cool. Personally, I think a cover should reflect the book, so whether these are what authors want will depend on their books. As for the Facebook page, it might be pretty cool too. :)

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