Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Protect Us - Tressa Messegner

Last night I finished Protect Us, the third book in this series. Tressa Messenger out did her self in this book. She told me she thought Protect Me would be the last book in the series until the idea for this book came about. Well I am sure I am not the only fan that will say Thank You!

The last book leaves us with Anna-Marie and Alessandro having a baby girl, Gemma. Protect Us starts off with Gemma as a teenager, and this is her story more than it is Anna-Marie and Alessandro. We get to see Gemma train to be a protector, fall in love, and kick some vampire butt! Ford makes a nice addition to the characters as well.

It did take me a few chapters to actually get into this book as well but it's worth the wait so keep reading!

Enjoy and if you want more information on Tress Messenger then go visit her facebook page!/pages/Tressa-MessengerAuthor/214642735322269?fref=ts

Happy Reading!


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